Best Time to Change Life Style

You don’t need to be overweight. Instead, you should think “I have to change my lifestyle”. Don’t try to lose weight by going on a diet. If your waistline is increasing in men, it could be a sign that your heart is being put under more pressure by the extra fat.

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There is no better time than now to make some changes. But these changes should not be made to fix a temporary issue. Your life style must be changed, not a diet. You’re aware that what you’ve tried so far isn’t working, so maybe it’s time to try something new.

Be patient and don’t rush to lose those unwanted pounds. Instead, take your time and allow them to go. Keep in mind, you didn’t gain weight overnight. Your body won’t lose the weight you have put on overnight.

You now know that not all diets work. It is time to try a new approach. Time for a new life-style.

Consider long-term effects. Consider long-term results. Start by determining your caloric intake based upon your age, gender, height and physical activity. You can lose one pound per month by removing 500 calories each day from your weight loss plan. This may seem small but it will help you lose weight.

Yes, there are times when we feel stressed, need to hurry, work late or do other things, so it’s easy to reach for fast food and processed meats. They are loaded full of all kinds of chemicals that enhance color and Nitrites that extend the product’s shelf life. Not to forget canned and boxed foods.

All the modern conveniences that are part of our daily life are great, but we need to be mindful of what is in what and how it is being manufactured. You should make it a habit to read labels.

Instead of consuming refined carbohydrates loaded with sugar and canned food, which are not only full of chemicals, but also high in salt, try a life-style that includes vegetables, protein, and low sugar fruits.

Are you willing to believe that your lifestyle could make you more susceptible to getting cancer? Before I got my cancer, 18 years ago, I believed the current medical wisdom about how to get it. The doctors said that cancer was genetic, and that you were passed the disease down from your ancestors. They believed me, they were the scientists with all of the answers. It was then that I developed prostate cancer. This disease runs in my family on the men’s side. I was very lucky to have made a good decision. I decided to use Thompsonian Naturopathic Medicine for the treatment of my cancer. This meant that I would not use modern medicine and instead use natural healing techniques.

My naturopathic doctor told me that I was predisposed to getting prostate cancer. I was then shown a diagram of how cancer begins. Every person has some genetic weakness, while others are stronger than others. Consider the organs of your own body as a chain. Next, imagine the chain being pulled through your life. If you live a poor life, the weakest link will be found.

The weaknesses I found were in my prostate, lungs (low back), liver, right hip and right knee, as well as in my liver. These are my most weak genetic links. Those are the areas that I was most suffering in those years before I was diagnosed with cancer. My lungs were constantly in trouble. I also had constant low back pain. I also had problems with my right hips and knees. I also had severe pain between my shoulders (a symptom due to gall bladder or liver problems).

The naturopath assured me that these problems would go away if my life was changed enough.

It was difficult to believe that my life had anything to do the cancer. Here’s how. I lived the American standard of living. I was very moderate in my daily habits. I never indulged in anything too much. I did eat whitebread, used sugar moderately, drank coffee twice a day, and enjoyed some meat. I ate many fruits and vegetables and took vitamins. Fast food was only something I ate twice a week. I was healthy and fit. I was a second grade black belt in Karate. I practiced every day. I was not on any medications and I never had a major health problem. In reality, I believe my health was excellent.

Yet, I trusted my naturopath so I decided that he would heal the cancer.

The doctor said to me, “You must change your lifestyle and stop eating everything you’re doing.” I stopped eating meat and started eating vegetables. I stopped eating refined whitebread and instead ate 100 per cent whole wheat. I also stopped consuming white rice and switched to brown rice. I did something I’d never done before. I cleansed and detoxified and stopped eating solid food. Instead, I juice fasted using herbs.

This idea was expanded to other areas of life. I started to see the whole of my life in a different way. I gave up on working for money and found a rewarding career that I was passionate about, which allowed me to earn a living. I avoided and ended any relationships with people or situations that were not good for me. I developed a personal relationship with God.

Surprisingly, both the cancer and other problems disappeared just as my naturopathic doctor had predicted. I refused to go back and live the same life I had. I’m happier and healthier now than I ever was and haven’t taken a sick breath in the past eighteen years.

Consider your life. Are you willing or able to give up your bad habits in exchange for your good ones? Are you so committed to eating garbage that you will die instead of changing? I’ve seen people die from the Thompsonian Naturopaths I was a Thompsonian Naturopath. This is why it’s possible to choose an honorable cause for death.

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